Terms of User Agreement for Our Web Site

Terms and Conditions

Cubdomain is the place where you can check whois information on the website. We are getting the whois information from third-part companies and we are not modifying any whois information. We are getting a website's created and expire date is getting from whois information. In the whois has about the owner, Registrar, Admin and Tech Name contact detail that we are saving in our server not modifying any information. Moreover, we are getting the server or website IP and using the IP from the third party getting the server or website city, region, area code, DMA code, country code, country name, continent code, latitude, longitude, region code and region name.

Cubdomain provides Alexa information like Alexa Traffic Ranks, Audience Geography, Search Traffic and more. All this information we are getting from Alexa and showing on our website.

Cubdomain gives are information about the socially engaged of website. We are providing Facebook Share, Facebook Comment, Google Plus +1, LinkedIn Share, Pinterest Share and Stumbleupon views. This information is getting from their own server and we are not modifying this information.

We are sending a request to the server of the website and getting the HTTP Headers information and show on our website and not modifying this information. Using the HTTP Headers, we can know about the server and technology used by a particular website. DNS Records are getting from third party companies and showing on our website and we are not modifying this information. We are getting WOT data from WOT website and showing in our website.

Every day our server get domain list registered from the third-party websites and listed in our website that how many domains registered by a specific date.

We are not committed that all information on our site is 100% correct. The maximum information we are getting from other servers or website and we can’t change or hide anyone whois or any other information.

Privacy Policy

There are very few things which we get while you are on our website but we are not storing this information on our server.

  • IP address
  • Location
  • Country code
  • Country name
  • Resign code
  • Region name
  • City
  • Time zone
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Zip code
  • Metro code

Cookies and Cache

Yes, we use this to make your experience better while you use our services. Cookies and Cache are store in browser you can Clear Cache & Cookies for specific website.

But if you facing any problem or any kind of feel insecure about our privacy policy or terms and conditions then please don't hesitate to ask, we are happy to help mail us at [email protected] our support team will sort all issues.

Last Updated: July 16, 2017